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Interesting Facts about the Life of Thunderbolt Patterson

Humans are amazing creatures who are constantly drawn to follow intelligent and charismatic people. That was the famous wrestler, Thunderbolt Patterson. During his life, he has already done a lot of exciting things and, we are sure, will do even more. Let’s take a look at his biography in this article!

A Career in Wrestling Ring

Thunderbolt Patterson became famous precisely as a successful and strong wrestler. Many envied his physical strength and dexterity. Despite its impressive size, it was not inferior in speed to other fighters. His career began in 1964 with small local matches. However, very soon this wrestler became a ring world-class star. He won multiple titles and played in high-profile matches. Patterson last entered the ring during Slamboree ’93, where he teamed up with Brad Armstrong against Ivan Koloff and Baron von Raschke. It was one of the most outstanding matches of the decade, which in itself speaks of the level of participants.

In recent years in the ring, this wrestler has also been a mentor to Ice Train, also an insanely interesting and well-known wrestler. In 1994, the fighter completely retired after 29 years in the ring and never competed again.

Fighting Racism in Wrestling

Such stories are quite rare in professional wrestling. However, Patterson is an excellent example of ring caring fighter. As already noted, his career began in 1964, but already in the early 70s, Patterson was blacklisted by the national wrestling association. But what did the wrestler do to receive such a punishment? Everything is surprisingly simple. He fought against injustice within the organization.

He accused, and in some cases rightly so, the National Fighting Alliance of institutional racism. In turn, the organization has repeatedly demanded to stop this activity and also to stop Patterson from forming a union of wrestlers. A conflict of interest brought the conversation to a standstill, and in the end, the wrestler had to give up performing in the organization. It is worth noting that the wrestler case did not disappear, and since then, significant changes have taken place in the world of wrestling in this direction. What is the great merit of our hero!

Post-Career Life and Activities

After his last fight, Patterson took up an extremely interesting occupation, which you hardly think about looking at a 1.84-meter tall wrestler. He began to run a Christian camp for children! This is an excellent and kind occupation that emphasizes all the inner softness and kindness of this person. In addition, Patterson is an ordained clergyman. Quite unusual for a wrestler, but this is what makes today’s hero interesting.

In addition, even after retiring, the fighter was not forgotten. Well-known commentators on the TV show Ring of Honor Wrestling Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino have repeatedly stated that Patisson, whose real name is Caprice Coleman, is their favorite wrestler. And of course, there are many reasons for this, about which a lot has already been said in this article!

Surprising Facts About Patterson

We hope that in this article, you have highlighted a lot of new information about your favorite wrestler. Patterson really managed to do a lot and continues to benefit this world outside the ring. For which we can thank him very much! Good luck, wrestlers!