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Biography of Great Mexican Wrestler Mil Mascaras

Few have ever thought about the fact that wrestling has its own separate styles and directions that wrestlers adhere to during their performances. However, in reality, there is a wide variety of them. And one of the most popular of them is Lucha Libre, whose representative is Mil Mascaras.

Popularization of the Lucha Libre Style

Lucha Libre is a national Mexican type of wrestling based on techniques from Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. However, it is much more “easy” because most of the techniques are carried out quickly, replacing each other in turn. And some of them are even performed in the air. It was in this style that Mil Mascaras performed along with other famous wrestlers, El Santo and the Blue Demon. Thanks to these people, the whole world got acquainted with Lucha Libre, and Mascaraza was even called an intercontinental star in this style.

In addition, it should be understood that in the style of Lucha Libre, Mil Mascaras performed in the ring, conducting dozens and hundreds of fights, surprising the audience with his flights. Also, this wrestling star became the main character of more than twenty films, which attracted a huge number of people who wanted to learn how to move like their idol. In a word, it was Mascarasa who became the progenitor of the trend in wrestling, which is now followed by many famous, young wrestling stars.

Achievements of Mascaras Outside the Ring

In addition to being a unique and super successful wrestler, Mascaraza is also remembered by Mexicans and other North Americans for his other cultural accomplishments. As already mentioned, he became the hero of more than 20 films of different genres, which won the love and respect of the whole country. But that’s not all!

The wrestler showed not only acting and sports talent but also artistic and unusual skills in creating sculptures! This is truly a versatile person who has shown himself in many areas of culture. For this, the Mexican government honoured his memory by putting his image on three issued postage stamps, and also appointed him as a cultural ambassador of Mexico. This is a great honor that not every prominent politician or artist deserves, but Mascaras did it!

American friends also honored the wrestler by inducting him into the WWE wrestling hall of fame. It’s also the greatest badge a wrestling star can achieve, and Mascaras was able to get it!

Mystery Named after Mil Mascaras

For many years, even after his debut in the ring in 1965, Mascaras hid his real name behind a mask. By the way, this is the way it is accepted among representatives of the Lucha Libre style, for example, many modern wrestlers also do not show their faces for privacy. However, the public still found out the real name of the wrestler. And it all happened because of the films in which the actor took part. The credits after the films clearly indicated Aaron Rodriguez’s first and last name. In fact, sooner or later, the personality had to be revealed, because most of the activities were not directly related to wrestling.

The Greatest Mil Mascaras

Mil Mascaras has not entered the ring for a long time, but even today he gives a tour where he talks about his experience and signs autographs. This wrestler has become a legend that really cannot be said otherwise. We recommend that you watch the recordings of a couple of matches performed by the actor and you will understand all his professionalism!